About Us

Atelier Arkın is a lifelong learning centre with a human-centred approach based on arts and design being all about the human condition. We believe creativity, critical thinking and empathy will be among the most important skills.

Using art and design-focused innovative approaches, our training and development programs will teach skills and strategies that are essential to life in a holistic way. Atelier Arkın can help business professionals  to develop their creative leadership and innovation skills.

Atelier Arkın provides personal, career and professional development programmes. We also develop free programmes for teenagers to make them experience art and design more. These programmes divert from the established in terms of learning experience. We particularly elaborate on learners’ needs, objectives, and their authentic experience that they bring to. In this sense, we combine the tradition with innovation, creativity with authenticity. In addition to our existing programmes, we can customize programmes for particular needs and objectives.

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